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Our mission is to help a sustainable type of mobility, either urban or rural! We want people to have the chance to move freely wherever they want... and that is why we have created and manufactured this variety of electric bike models.

We know of the importance the bike has for the user, and how unsure we can be when moving to this mobility system. For that reason, we invite you to explore our models and categories. And, if you feel lost at any point... do not hesitate to ask us!


Local manufacture. Fom our plant in Catalonia, in the heart of l'Empordà, we work every day for a better transport model, the Electric Bicycle, more efficient and less polluting!

All the components that we use, as far as possible, are local, and those that are not yet, we are working to make it so.

A brand new concept of total mobility.

Ecobike Smart: Folding Electric Bike for the city and easy to carry on the car, bus, metro ...

An electric bike MTB with a powerful central motor of 250W.

The VONVEN is a hybrid electric bike, adapted to ride both in the city and for leasure ride on the weekend on unpaved roads, or on the nearest mountain you have by home.

Our ELEGANCE electric bike model is designed for both city and nature.

Our ELEGANCE electric bike model is designed for both city and nature.

Our wildest and sportier electric mountain bike model.

Our CITY RIDE electric bike model is designed for both city and nature. Its anti puncture tires and its suspension fork allow for a very comfortable ride in both terrains. Its high bar, provides a robust and sporty look.  It is an intermediate model between a city and mountain bike.

The electric scooter: A new, individual and sustainable way that has revolutionized urban mobility in recent years.