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Ecobike LX500 Mint electric bike 17'

The reinforced structure ensures safety, and all vibrations and shocks are distributed in such a way that the ride gives as much pleasure as possible. We managed to achieve excellent balance by placing the motor at the right angle and the battery at the bottom of the frame. You can be sure that the LX500 will drive safely and confidently, and thanks to the battery fully integrated into the frame, it will delight and surprise everyone.


Weight (kg)29
Autonomy (km)150
Max. assisted speed (km/h)25
Engine positionCentral
Load time (hours)6-8

Ecobike LX500 Min trekking electric bike 13Ah

Autonomia Max: 150km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 13.0A/h|Motor: 48V / 780W

Ecobike LX500 Min trekking electric bike 14,5Ah

Autonomia Max: 150km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 14.5A/h|Motor: 48V / 250W

Ecobike LX500 Min trekking electric bike 17,5Ah

Autonomia Max: 150km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 17.5A/h|Motor: 48V / 250W