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Ecobike Rhino: Electric folding bike

There are many ways to move around the city and a folding ebike is the most practical. You can it by public transport and to the office. It is comfortable and allows you to move easily with the help, naturally, of the electrical system that takes you even further and with less effort.


Dimension (LxWxH)
Weight (kg)22
Folded size (LxWxH)
max. Load125
Autonomy (km)60-160
Max. assisted speed (km/h)25
DisplayLCD C300
ShifterSkilful 6 v
Engine36v 250w
Motor Power35Nm
Engine positionback
Tire size20
Frame15 aluminium
Front breakV-brake
Rear breakV-brake
Levels of assistance6
Load time (hours)4-8

Electric bike Rhino 20' 14,5Ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 14.5A/h|Motor: 36V / 250W

Electric bike Rhino 20' 16Ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 16.0A/h|Motor: 36V / 250W