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Ecobike Traffic Grey: Electric City Bike

This model provides a lot of comfort with the universal low frame that makes easy to get on and off the bike. Make much less effort thanks to assistance while pedaling. You can drive both on the city and on dirt roads. Ideal for excursions and moving around the city.


Dimension (LxWxH)1820x630x1120
Weight (kg)23,5
max. Load100kg
Autonomy (km)35.160
Max. assisted speed (km/h)25
ShifterShimano 7 v
Engine36v 250w
Motor Power25Nm
Engine positionBack
Tire size28
Frame19 aluminium
Levels of assistance3
Load time (hours)4-8

Models and specifications vary depending on your region and are subject to change. For additional information contact a worldwide distributor.

Traffic Black Electric Grey 28' 10,4ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 10.4A/h|Motor: 36V / 250W

Traffic Black Electric Grey 28' 13ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 13.0A/h|Motor: 36V / 250W

Traffic Black Electric Grey 28' 16ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 16.0A/h|Motor: 36V / 250W