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Ecobike RX500 21': Electric mountain bike

The best version for mounting with the combination of a central motor with many Nm, which will allow you to climb high for trial races, and a 48v battery, with different amperages. You will feel like the roads are flattened!


Dimension (LxWxH)
Weight (kg)26
max. Load125kg
Autonomy (km)60-160
Max. assisted speed (km/h)25
DisplayLCD C900
ShifterSRAM 10v
Engine48v 250w
Motor Power136Nm
Engine positioncentral
Tire size29
Frame21 aluminium
Front breakHidraulic
Rear breakHidraulic
Levels of assistance6
Load time (hours)4-8

Electric Bike SX300 RX500 21' 13Ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 13.0A/h|Motor: 48V / 250W

Electric Bike SX300 RX500 21' 14,5Ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 14.5A/h|Motor: 48V / 250W

Electric Bike SX300 RX500 21' 17,5Ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 17.5A/h|Motor: 48V / 250W