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Ecobike X-City Cappuccino: electric ride bike

This model brings a lot of comfort with the universal low frame that gives you a lot of ease of handling. It is the latest improved version of the models to move around the city. You can also ride it on dirt roads.


Weight (kg)25,3
Autonomy (km)60 - 130
Max. assisted speed (km/h)25
Battery13 Ah - 16 Ah
Motor Power45 Nm
Tire size28
Rear breakV-BRAKE Promax
Load time (hours)4 - 8
Engine informationV-BRAKE Promax

Electric Bike X-City Cappuccino 28' 13ah

Autonomia Max: 130km|Velocitat: 25km/h|Bateria: 13.0A/h|Motor: 36V / 250W