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Ecobike® electric bikes with PURETI™ anti-pollution photocatalytic treatment help the environment

Benefits of the photocatalysis process

Pureti's photocatalytic technology in the iSCAPE Project was recognized by the H2020 as one of the 10 most disruptive technologies to combat pollution in the next 60 years in the European Union.

Winners of the iSCAPE project to reduce pollution in the European Union

This project has received funds from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program in grant agreement nº 689954

Trinity College Dublin (IRE), Universita di Bologna (IT), University of Surrey (UK), Ilmatieteen, Laitos (FIN), Universiteit Hasselt (BEL), Technische Universitat Dortmund (GER), JRC -Joint Research Centre- European Commission (BEL), Institut d'Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya, (ESP), T6 Ecosystems srl (ITA), Pureti (ESP-USA)

Technology and Innovation at the highest level

NASA and Cristal Active were looking for a nanotechnology with TiO2 and signed a “Partnership” agreement with PURETI.


Now Ecobike® has PURETI technology in its electric and ecological bicycles.

The photocatalysis process

If we apply the self-destructive and self-sustaining TiO2 nanotechnology to all surfaces, it works with the power of light, destroying microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and VOCs. This treatment effects last more than a year.

Differential characteristics over any other photocatalytic treatment.

PURETI is an invisible coating with TiO2, always in contact with light, which does not affect the appearance of your Ecobike® electric bike.

Nano Net
PURETI is in the 40n nanometer range.

A single application of PURETI will work for over a year.

PURETI adheres to all surfaces, taking full advantage of its potential purifying effect.

PURETI is 25 times more efficient than its predecessor technologies.


Application of PURETI ™ anti-pollution photocatalytic treatment on Ecobike® electric bicycle

Application process of PURETI ™ SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS, FOR A CLEANER WORLD, on Ecobike® electric bicycle.

Purify the air

The PURETI air purification efficiency by bike (= 1 m2) can be compared to 3 trees.

Self-cleaning surfaces

When the surfaces treated with PURETI come in contact with rainwater produce a hydrophilic effect, the water expands on the treated surface, and the titanium dioxide film facilitates the dragging and elimination of dirt particles, generating thus self-cleaning surfaces.


Photocatalysis is a chemical reaction that removes common pollutants in the atmosphere, such as NOx, SOx, VOCs, through an oxidation process activated by solar energy. The most used photocatalyst is Titanium dioxide (TiO2).

"In Europe, photocatalytic treatments are being considered as one of the 5 actions to be introduced to combat pollution."