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Ecobike Livigno: Electric Trekking Bicycle / City

EcoBike Livigno is an electric trekking / city bicycle with a Bafang 250W motor located in the rear hub. This model of electric bike has been equipped with TEKTRO ARIES disc brakes and Shimano Acera 8-speed transmission.

Característics: 28 '10.4-16Ah, 250W, 24.9Kg

Ecobike Livigno, is a city e-bike with power of 250W. With no effort, you can accelerate up to 25 km/h, and the new generation of the sinusoidal controller and the sensor hall will make the acceleration will be smooth, without jerks.

The power supply battery is placed in the bicycle frame, what makes a better center of gravity, improves traction and also makes the bike look classic. Batteries produced on LG cells range in capacity from 10.4 Ah up to 16Ah, allowing a range of 80 to even 160 km!

With the help of LCD display, we can choose one of six support modes, check the kilometers traveled and configure to individual requirements.


Weight (kg)24,9
Autonomy (km)50-160
Max. assisted speed (km/h)25-35
DisplayLCD C300S
Motor Power250
Engine positionBack

Models and specifications vary depending on your region and are subject to change. For additional information contact a worldwide distributor.

Electric Bike Livigno 28' 10,4ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 35km/h|Bateria: 10.0A/h|Motor: 36V / 250W
MSRP: 1.773,83€

Electric Bike Livigno 28' 13ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 35km/h|Bateria: 13.0A/h|Motor: 36V / 250W
MSRP: 1.863,56€

Electric Bike Livigno 28' 16ah

Autonomia Max: 160km|Velocitat: 35km/h|Bateria: 16.0A/h|Motor: 36V / 250W
MSRP: 1.983,20€