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Ecobike is the only dealer in Spain, and that means you will not find them anywhere with the same conditions that we can offer you.

Discover our Addbike accessories. designed to facilitate the transformation of the leisure bike, into a cargo bike for kids, the groceries from the market or the distribution of products of any type.

AddBike is a fork with a double-tilting wheel structure. It transforms a normal bike into a cargo bike just replacing the fron wheel easily and reversible.

This modul is used to carry a child on the AddBike (from 2 years old and up to 1,2m / 35kg).
Your child transportation will be easier, safer and more comfortable. We highly recommend it on your urban daily journeys. Moreover, you can continue using it in your daily life carrying other things after your child is at school.

This is a metal structure with a textile sleeve on top. It allows to carry a volum up to 110 liters or 35kg. It is ideal to carry bulky items or delicated items as groceries

This carry bag shop will allow you to go riding to the market place to do your fresh food shopping. The most attractive fact is that you can use it with or without the Addbike. This allows you parking the bike and doing the shopping on foot with the carry’shop and then get it on the Addbike fork again.